Front End stuff I like

September 2023

This is basically a ChatGPT for web development. examples

You input a prompt detailing a screen you want to code and it gives you a cool design with its React implementation, using Tailwind. As if that wasn't enough, you can iterate on the design by instructing it for some changes you want until you are happy with the result.

shadcn's component library

August 2023

shadcn's component library is a collection of components using tailwind.

shadcn collection

This is not just any other component library, the cool thing about this is that you don't install it. You just run a command for each component you want to use, and it adds a .tsx file with the component itself to your project.

This way you have ownership and control over your components. You basically copy-paste a component into your code, and then change it to your liking (yes, even the styling via tailwind).